A Letter of Protest


I was born Swedish therefore, my skin is white. I respect the

Native American Indian way of life, the circle which binds all of us

together. The words your leaders speak are true and strong. It is

uncomfortable for me to seek your council because of my skin color. I do

not mean to be disrespectful. I live in the valley of the moon for over 20

years, but two years ago a casino was built. No problem with that, I hope

the tribe makes a lot of money. They are poor. On the other hand, they have

probably seen little money until the debt that was used to build the casino

is paid. But this year the casino started to have outdoor concerts during

the summer months, a time for all to enjoy the outdoors. However, the music

travels far and wide to the point that your evening only turns into noise.

No more robin bird sounds only bass and percussion noise. We asked the

casino for help, turn down the sound, but they say there good neighbors and

the sound is not so bad. !

In fact, the casino says to have a barbecue and enjoy the music. Hmmm, we

have 17 more concerts to listen too. OK, I guess money speaks yet, what does

that mean for the eagle that lives in the trees next to the casino? Or,

even the birds, bears and other animals in the forest? What about the

children that sleep near the casino? I thought turtle island was scared?

So many questions and conflicts. The casino says they will continue on and

review the matter after the concert season is over. Do I believe them or do

I continue to voice my complaint? They have powerful rights, sovereign

rights and much money. But do they have the right to make money at the

expense of others when this sound travels beyond their land? Not an easy

answer. I don't think they hear the Native American chant, "Listen to the

Sound Great Spirit Circling around me." I speak for the eagle. What is

your council?

Oki Brother

Well I think you have hit the Nail squarely on its head and I am

in total agreement with you.

The problem is that many Red people have learned from the white man that

total disregard for nature, the rights of others and even disregard and

disrespect of Creators laws takes precedence as their true God has changed

into money.

While I am a Traditional and the Red people who are propagating this

thoughtless disregard for anything other than money are Progressives - they

still have the right guaranteed under the constitution to continue their

reckless behavior. There is little you can do to stop it but it is

reflective the white society in how they treat each other. So you can indeed

learn from this experience and thus possibly change things by thinking about

who you vote for in the political elections to come.

In my opinion and from where I sit this is direct result of the liberal

policies of a misdirected government gone over the edge of respect for Gods

laws and have converted to Dollar worship as their guiding light.

Conservative ways of thinking which is what your referring to in your email

have been totally denigrated and disregarded in the quest for cash. What you

see is the direct result of that mind set. Again the blame for the

destruction of earth rights, human rights, and sacred rights can be placed

directly on the heads of the white man.....

Waatowa Pistoto,

Two Feathers - Kainaiwa - Blackfoot Nation





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