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Listen With Your Heart

Listen With Your Heart
Oki – Niksokowa – (all my relatives)
A bit of an awareness exercise! Please watch this video with your Heart – your Spirit – all that makes you who you are.
Then sit back and think about how all this energy changes as you turn to CNN or Fox news or whatever your favorite poison might be. What you will find if you’re paying attention is a broadcast of fear, anger, hopelessness and blame.Then think about how all this anxiety came into being.
I happen to believe that we are our own true creators. God is not a fearsome face or voice in the clouds ready to pounce down upon you for every infraction of Creators laws written down in some supposed Sacred Text written by someone not even as well-developed intellectually or spiritually as you may be!
I believe that the True God is part of each one of us and that we create our own reality – be it a painful reality or one full of peace and beauty and awe for the incredible gifts that are available to each one of us in our own cr…