A Talk of Elders - Pt 2

  Our Elders in the Sacred - Part 2 Some years ago, I was intent upon finding my Native roots. As my native family migrated back East in search of work, they eventually settled in New England. I was born in Laconia, New Hampshire. As a child, I never had an opportunity to know my native roots. In fact, my family, like so many people of native or mixed blood in those days took extra measures to cover-up their native blood. I was raised in my younger years, with little knowledge of my ancestors except when I visited my Great Grandmother who was a full blood Seneca, in western New York State on the Oil Springs Reservation.   My Great Grandmother was an elder in every sense of the word. She had a spiritual glow that shined through a very tough and untouchable exterior, that I know now was a fabrication in order to fend off the hurts of life. Even as young as I was I can remember two distinct characteristics about her. She smoked a corncob pipe continuously, and her presence dominate

Living the Spiritual Life

What I see mostly on these Social Media sites is one political opinion after another. These do nothing but frustrate and do nothing to help quantify your life. So I thought I would share my life experience and hopefully, it will help some of you. So I have spent a great deal of time studying The Spiritual life of various cultures around the world and there is a common thread through all of them. That being the Creator. I have come to a place in my mind about the Truth of him and where exactly is this Great Spirit who in reality does very little to preserve and guide life. IE. Your story, my story, other people's struggle through life, and the most concerning issue are millions of babies' lives cut short through abortion. People who do this are Murderers, where is your Loving GOD through all this? Does not make sense unless one looks closely at our Higher Self which resides just above us but outside our body. Now here's the mystery, why do miracles happen to some people and

A Talk of Elders - A Loss of the Sacred

By Grant Redhawk – AKA Two Feathers Oki Ni-Kso-Ko-Wa, Today we embark on a new and broad category of study. In a Talk of Elders lies a multitude of learning opportunities from knowledge available to all of us. I must say very early on that I am only a channel (I use that term very loosely), of that wisdom, not the wisdom keeper. I only Wish I knew how to integrate all that is taught to me in my practical life. If I did I would be so peaceful, I would have no need to strike these keys :) I must confess that I am like my Spirit friend the Red-tail, only a messenger. Contents What I hope to accomplish is a short, bite size insight of how much we are interconnected with all other beings of this universe. I hope to give you insights as to how much we really are responsible for each other. To show you the sacredness of your own path, and how to recognize the sacredness of all other beings. How to integrate that sacredness back into a sadly