Red Road To The Stars

Star Family Gathering of Native American Elders by Richard J. Boylan, Ph.D. (C) 1997 For four days in mid-March, fifteen Native American Elders [1] assembled at a conference next to the Western hub of the U.S. Military/Intelligence Complex. San Diego was displaying Chamber of Commerce weather, with brilliant sunshine, warm days, and nights cooled by ocean breezes The Indian teachers had come to finally disclose, in simple yet compelling terms, long-held sacred knowledge about past, present and upcoming contacts between their people and the Star Nations (extraterrestrials). These are matters that the Office of Naval Intelligence, several miles away, would consider classified Top Secret Ultra, Q Clearance, above Level 10. Joining the Native Elders at this Star Family Gathering were fifteen other specialists [2], speaking from a non-Native perspective on the changes in our society being wrought by growing awareness of expanding human consciousness and of extraterrestrial visita

Why do we need organized Religion?

The point I am trying to get through is all of this was done by human beings, NOT GOD! Therefore, prone to error or opinion of the copiers or the scroll writers. It takes nothing to make an "and" into an "or" and destroy the original intent of the writing. You all have seen the nonsense that comes out in all media, newspapers, news sources, social media etc., enough to make an intelligent man very doubtful of all written sources. Then if you sit through enough sermons like I have you will notice various non-sequential errors in the pastors so called teaching with intent or not, it can throw the original intent into the scrap pile. Then put together what the pastor or priest has experienced in life, you suddenly question how does this guy know, he has not experienced life like you or me? I realize one needs Faith to put all this together in a meaningful life, but you do not need some other fool telling you how to live. All 10 commandments are built into us at birth

A Talk of Elders - Pt 2

  Our Elders in the Sacred - Part 2 Some years ago, I was intent upon finding my Native roots. As my native family migrated back East in search of work, they eventually settled in New England. I was born in Laconia, New Hampshire. As a child, I never had an opportunity to know my native roots. In fact, my family, like so many people of native or mixed blood in those days took extra measures to cover-up their native blood. I was raised in my younger years, with little knowledge of my ancestors except when I visited my Great Grandmother who was a full blood Seneca, in western New York State on the Oil Springs Reservation.   My Great Grandmother was an elder in every sense of the word. She had a spiritual glow that shined through a very tough and untouchable exterior, that I know now was a fabrication in order to fend off the hurts of life. Even as young as I was I can remember two distinct characteristics about her. She smoked a corncob pipe continuously, and her presence dominate