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Becoming Aware

Oki Niksokowa – (All my relatives)Welcome to this blog of a traditional Native American.I have created this blog with the sole purpose of dispelling the ignorance of EGO in our world! I know even though my intent is pure and directed towards finding the Truth in life, that even these comments are generated via the EGO of the self. Given that knowledge I will attempt to keep personal opinion at bay and try to convey Truth as Creator directs it vs. my own mind.Some of you may ask “how do I know which is which”? That is the question of the ages and needs addressing if I am to be perceived as believable. There is a very thin line between self evoked thought and what is coming from external sources and in the beginning, unless you’re a very unusual case, one will not be able to discern the difference.The way to get to a place of discernment normally takes many years of meditation, enhanced awareness, and knowledge of the processes of Ego. When one practices to become Aware, one places much…