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My Independant Opinion

The election was won with less than 1% difference in vote count. From personal experience many many people who voted for Obama do not have the intellect to even know who the vice president is! I just heard (not verified yet) that in 59 precincts in Philadelphia Romney didn't get one vote. The majority of those precincts are black or Hispanic.

If nothing else is apparent to a thinking person it should be the tremendous disconnect minority voters have with reality. I blame this directly on the Democratic party - this is the Dumbing down of America on purpose to further the purpose of those not so intelligent people who are running their party. "Well we won didn't we" could be your response however at what cost to you down the road? How you won might be brought into question as certainly is when it has just been announced that at least a third of states votes were counted by a Spanish company owned by a communist by the name of George Soros. Why the hel…