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"Perhaps the more important power of Mindfulness is
its power to deal with distress. After practicing
Mindfulness for a while, we would make an important
discovery, that we tend to REACT towards situations.
When something happens, or somebody says or does
something, we react with anger, or happiness, or
hatred etc etc. From here, I learned the first and
most important lesson about happiness, that I am fully
responsible for how I feel. Thus, it is not skillful
to say, "he MAKES ME feel angry". If he "MAKES me"
feel angry, then why is it that ten other people in
the same situation would react in ten different ways?
And not all of them would be angry.

The truth is that *I* react with anger to the
situation. So it's more skillful to say, "*I* feel
angry about what he said", instead of "*HE* makes
me...". There is an important difference here. The
difference is that I take full responsibility for my
own feelings instead of putting the respon…

Native American Product Sales

Oki Niksokowa

If you are Native American or have access to genuine Native American products that you wish to sell I would be interested in hearing from you.

I have three site's to advertise your products.

Spiritalk Net

Native Americans Online

Native American Blogspot

If your willing to share a portion of your profits with us, we are interested in advertising your products for you.

Simply comment to this posting and include your contact information.
I will be in touch with you ASAP.

Waatowa Pistoto,
Two Feathers - Kainaiwa - Blackfoot Nation