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November is National Native American Heritage Month. The purpose of this month long observance is to honor and recognize the original peoples of this land. Throughout our history, Native Americans have been an important part of the foundations of this country. Yet, they have often been overlooked, stereotyped or misunderstood. Beginning with the arrival of Columbus in 1492, Native Americans were nearly wiped out as a result of genocide, disease, U.S. policies and systematic removal from their lands. Today, Native Americans continue to face discrimination and injustices in part due to U.S. policies and corporate greed. Many suffer from the same social and economic challenges as other victims of long-term bias and discrimination. While some tribal Nations have begun to overcome these challenges, for the most part, Native Americans are very much separate and unequal members of society.

As we think about Native Americans, we must not only look to the past, but also look at the present…

A Time to Renewal

Oki Niksokowa ( All my Relatives )

We have just concluded a very destructive period in our history and while a very many of you think that the changes coming will be good and will benefit you history says otherwise.

The election of Barak Obama is certainly one filled with hope and positive motion but the corrupted actions done by those who think win at all costs is appropriate - you cannot create good from bad. Good and Evil do not mix and what was done to the candidates of both parties in an effort to win was driven by a selfish egoistic manic attempt to ascribe the power of positive action to someone other that yourself. The people who did this have given control of their lives to someone else, when you do that there is nothing left of you............

Native American Prophesy Pt. 1

Energy does not flow like that and those of you who are capable of looking deeper than the surface of your mirror know that what I say is true. You have only embedded in your future the path of destruction wh…