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Free the Lakota Children!

Hearts on the Ground

This is exactly what happened to my child - Katoya Fawn - who the Family Court of Rockland County. NY effectively took away from her Dad. I have not seen her in seven years! While I supposedly have all visitation rights - DSS blocks the enforcement of those rights at every turn.

So I have learned to accept that - I am 67 winters and will probably never see my little girl again. For sure I will never see the little one I remember because she is growing up. My support is fully paid, I petitioned for a downward support modification in Dec. 2013 and was given a court date of May 2014. So I know where this is going as well.

This is the justice system that we think is taking care of us. Most turn away because they don't want to get involved. Yet these same people say they want to be my friend. Friendship is conditional on the supposition that they never have to extend themselves for my friendship! I would rather have no friends!

So "Hearts on t…