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Russell Means Part 2 HAS CANCER w/ Carpe Articulum Magazine Aug 2011

Each one of us need to listen to this with rapt attention. I understand it is long but you can break this up into bite size chunks if needed. One thing I need to point out is that during this interview the mention is made that Russell is fighting the ignorance all by himself. I'm here to say that is far from the truth. Dedicated people all over the world work for the rights and freedom of the Native American People! When one person goes down another comes up. I am here to recognize those people and thank them. The other thing I want to point out is that I agree totally with his view of matriarchy.  God knows everyone needs to learn to be gentle as a Mother knows how to be. I learned it but only after a bitter - bitter fight with myself to let gentleness through. Give real women a chance to change life as we know it. (I do not mean feminists who have damaged the human race beyon