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Russell Means OCT 27, 2011 Up-date


100 Million Dead

This type is Email is typical of the questions I get from confused folks who are having trouble figuring this concept out. Hopefully through this answer I can get some rest :)
Hello, When I was a young boy around 10 I had a near death experience in a drowning. I was alone in a big pool trying to get in a floating device when it tilted over. I remember going down backwards trying to swim but I was falling backwards fast. I remember seeing a bright light radiating in the water and then all I remember me walking up the pool stairs with nobody realizing I was drowning. I never, ever forget that and I'm now 41. Ever since then I was looking for answers on what happened and I was told that I survived for a reason. I've been on a spiritual quest and practicing native Indian spirituality. Ever since I was little I always beenenthusiastic about native Indians and don't know why until now. I was told by few shamans that I was born a shaman healer and in my past life I was a female na…