100 Million Dead

This type is Email is typical of the questions I get from confused folks who are having trouble figuring this concept out. Hopefully through this answer I can get some rest :)

Hello, When I was a young boy around 10 I had a near death experience in a drowning. I was alone in a big pool trying to get in a floating device when it tilted over. I remember going down backwards trying to swim but I was falling backwards fast. I remember seeing a bright light radiating in the water and then all I remember me walking up the pool stairs with nobody realizing I was drowning. I never, ever forget that and I'm now 41. Ever since then I was looking for answers on what happened and I was told that I survived for a reason. I've been on a spiritual quest and practicing native Indian spirituality. Ever since I was little I always been  enthusiastic about native Indians and don't know why until now. I was told by few shamans that I was born a shaman healer and in my past life I was a female native Indian. I don't know how and where to start this gift. Can you give me some advice with all due respect?


Well here's my take for what it's worth. People who claim they know what you were in a past life are a dime a dozen.

Only you can know that and it is deep in your subconscious memory's. Most people are so busy trying to cover their present life's memory's that in no way can they bring those subconscious memories forward. That is not to say that no one can get there for you but I would place a heavy helping of doubt in their words unless your really sure of their accuracy.

You really do not have to go to far to determine what your here for. First consider the land your on and how much pain or happiness has been projected into it. Thoughts have form and are energetic so this land contains all the energy of the thoughts that have been projected into it.

Consider that over 100 million native people have died here at the hands of the European people that have stolen this land. Consider the terrible pain suffered as a result of these horrific acts. At that point your awareness should come around to the realization of why your so drawn to the Native People of this land. We as a species are very empathetic at the subconscious level and inherently feel all the pain and suffering that this land holds. Thus your need to follow our ways is a reaction to that feeling because you want to make it better. Good for you.

All of us are here for very simple reasons and the less we try to complicate those reasons with inaccurate information the more this makes sense. We are here to improve upon what we have learned in past lives. We are here to educate ourselves, no do not depend on someone else to educate you - you do this yourself. You can never stop learning right up to the day you die. Then we are here to help our brothers and sisters educate themselves so that we all can move forward on the ladder of evolution.

Whether you become a healer is up to you and how much non-egotistic value you place on that aspect of your  life! If you really want to help others become better then by all means do it. But if this is for egoistic reasons all I can say is find another path to follow.

Hope this helps a bit.


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