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Russell Means - I beat Cancer



Because many of us find ourselves in this position I share this email with you!

My mother is 1/4 piikani, and so I don't look the part so to speak, but I feel a connection to this world. To the old ways. Days when your people were thankful to our mother, and brothers upon her. It is ironic that I share more blood with the invaders of this continent than its people, for I would have stood beside my darker brothers to defend your home that has been taken.

It means nothing in these great many days after the event, but I am sorry for what my people have done in the past, and as the days progress, I am still the same person but I feel a greater conection to my lost heritage than I did before. I feel a brotherhood to the people of 1/8 of my blood more than all the white man's.

Oki Brother
(This reply from Summer Fawn - my partner)

It matters not one iota whether you look the…

On Sacred Ground