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Answer Relevant Questions

I recently was questioned by a college student which I think are relevant questions to ask and many folks I believe have some of these same questions in mind. I do well with question and answer formats and find that format a wonderful forum to share ideas. So here are some. Please feel free to submit questions or observations when they arise. Oki Niksokowa I will answer your questions as my conscience dictates and good sense has its way. First I recommend “Where White Men Fear to Tread” by Russell Means - Where-White-Fear-Tread I think if you pay attention this book will answer many of your questions for you. Next, I am going to try to answer these questions for my people, not myself. What I think has varying degrees of relevancy to why my People react to a white society driven by a culture very different from ours. This is about my people not me. 1) Are there any American Indian gatherings/groups/organizations in the area that you participate in? If so, how oft