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To Live with Honor

Grant Redhawk The whole deal is a question of honor. If you enter into a verbal agreement on something - a sale of objects or exchange of services, the agreement holds until one or the other breaks it. This bullshit of first come first served is what has made human beings into shameless self serving morons who need to be shot at the earliest opportunity. Your word has to be your honor or you are the lowest of the low. You NEVER break a deal - you wait for the other one to do so. THEN YOUR WALKING A HIGHER ROAD!

XXXXXXXXXX Too many people have not honored their word is the reason first come first serve.

Grant Redhawk Well now that is White man / Black man behavior isn't it? Look how many of our treaties your people kept......

XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Now Grant that's just wrong. We are all American and blaming your people now for sins of ancestors is not right. Back 5 generations my grandmother is Indian rest of me is mixed German, French, Dutch, English etc none of it matters I am Ame…