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The Continued Marginalization of the First American - Lisa Cooper.

The Continued Marginalization of the First American Back in 2012, there was some tentative hope that a new Democrat government would address the issues that are central to all First Americans: the continuing imprisonment of Leonard Peltier and the proposed selling off of the Wounded Knee site to mention a few. This tentative hope has now  turned to anger  for many as these fundamental issues continue to be ignored. Forgotten It hasn’t taken the rest of America long to forget the plight of First Americans. Having been run off their land and confined to reservations, ghettoized and left to slowly fade from the rest of the countries sight , communities are plagued by suicides, addictions and  all too common institutionalized racism . This is even more galling when confronted with the often stereotyped popular imagery of the native American. The internet is often awash with quotes and wisdoms such as Cherokee prayers and Elder’s sayings. The fact that these quotes an

"They Call Us Mohawks" | Ganienkeh - A Way of Life | Turtle Island Trust Documentary"