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What Does the Vision Quest Mean to Me?

Oki Niksokowa,
When I was asked to give my interpretation of what a Vision Quest meant to me I was floored. What could I write that has not already been written and by more talented authors than myself? I would love to be original in what I write but today how original can one be? So I don't know what to say but I do have some unique and from what I have read around the earth as yet unsaid ideas about what a vision quest is.
To most a Vision Quest means long preparation, getting in the 'Zone', becoming one with Creator and prepare for a long journey into the mountains with nothing but a blanket and a pipe! Becoming prepared to go without food and water for up to four days or more depending upon the traditions of your people. You begin to realize that you and your people have strayed so far afield that you have no more traditions to follow! Then the panic begins: What have we lost, where have my people even gone, who can I depend upon for instructions, support, guidance and…