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Oki Niksokowa (relatives)   I am sure by now you have seen by my posts that there seems to be an inordinate level of anger focused upon the Democratic Party which needs a bit of explanation. I am a Blackfoot Native American who has seen this party tear down our people and keep them enslaved with false promises and token payments keeping them on the edge of desperation for decades, yet not so hungry that they will be motivated to get off their butts and rid themselves of the repressiveness of a government bent on genocide one way or another, preferably self-imposed. Do any of you remember the story of Wounded Knee or the Trail of Tears? How about Sand Creek Massacre? My people are blind to what is being done to them and what they themselves are doing to themselves because of blindness and being so close to the problem that they don’t see it for what it is. Does this make me angry? You bet it does.   We elected this president who promised he would lead us out of this typ

Matricarchy Part I - Russel Means


Message to the Voting Cattle - Larken Rose

Every human being in this country has a moral obligation to himself to listen to this time after time after time - until you FULLY understand it!