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Onondaga Nation Elder on the Sacredness of Mother Earth

Onondaga Nation Elder on the Sacredness of Mother Earth from Bill on Vimeo.It is a source of wonderment when a reporter asks the questions he does with a sense of wonderment and awe. As if this is the first he has heard of this way of relating to Mother Earth. It is no wonder that most of the world's human population are running around with a "Sky is Falling" fear every day! The reporters are so important in forming the civil views of society and if they are getting it wrong (which they certainly are) then we all are getting it wrong, unless we teach ourselves a higher WAY! Onondaga Nation Clan Mother Audrey Shenandoah, who passed away two years ago, spoke with Bill in 1991 about her personal kinship with nature and the Onondaga Nation's concerns for our Earth in a society that "feels dominant over the elements of the creation."

A Letter of Protest


I was born Swedish therefore, my skin is white. I respect the

Native American Indian way of life, the circle which binds all of us

together. The words your leaders speak are true and strong. It is

uncomfortable for me to seek your council because of my skin color. I do

not mean to be disrespectful. I live in the valley of the moon for over 20

years, but two years ago a casino was built. No problem with that, I hope

the tribe makes a lot of money. They are poor. On the other hand, they have

probably seen little money until the debt that was used to build the casino

is paid. But this year the casino started to have outdoor concerts during

the summer months, a time for all to enjoy the outdoors. However, the music

travels far and wide to the point that your evening only turns into noise.

No more robin bird sounds only bass and percussion noise. We asked the

casino for help, turn down the sound, but they say there good neighbors and

the sound is not so bad. !

In fact, the casino …

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