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New York State Buffalo Herd Slaughter

  Oki NIksokowa The few of you left that still read my posts know how angry I am about what was done to still another Buffalo herd here in New York State this weekend. My anger is a healthy anger because I believe it speaks for those who do not have the courage to evolve out of the mass ignorance that has overrun this country since the white/black man came here. Buffalo herd shot dead I am not done with my protest by a long shot and will post a very interesting video on my Web sites as soon as I have time to make it make sense to a senseless population of people who have gone mad. My anger of what is happening to this country is not just relegated to the white man but also the Black man who seemingly have started to regress back to the lower intelligence of the ape man in their continual asinine protests every time the law is enforced on their people. HEY BLACK people, if you want the law to start respecting you - then start controlling your out of control Black race who seem to fl