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Native American Medicine

The gathered information passed down from Grandmother to medicine man or woman over thousands of years by the many North American tribes is now called collectively "Native American Medicine." Some of the practices and remedies are from specific tribes, but more often these are all gathered together and the origin of a specific treatment has been lost among the ages. As well it should be, perhaps, for the tribes of North America all believed one thing in common, that we are all at one with every other living thing in the sky and earth, and the elements are here for us to draw on their strength and cure disease, if only we would stand still long enough to listen. We are talking about medical practices over 40,000 years old. Traditions, cures, dances and remedies handed down through orally within a family and tribe. It is an interesting fact that the Native American Medicine tradition was going on around the same time as TCM ( Traditional Chinese Medicine) on the other side o