What are you doing on Facebook? 

What are you doing on Facebook?

1. Are you here to gain accolades for your daily activities, which have to be daily reinforced in order for you to feel like a human being each day? Egotism handled incorrectly is one of the greatest destructive forces of our personalities that cause more mental disorders than any other destructive action that one person can do to another.

2. Or are you truly concerned about what is happening in our society today, aware of the attempts by controlling governments and controlling religions to create little voting robots out of you with no thought to who or why your voting? Or do you truly want to pay attention to the egalitarian intent of this country and do something about it?

Personally I find it disgusting how so many people seek so much attention to something so insignificant such as your day at the beach and yet no attention at all is placed on the total governmental destruction that is going on right in front of your face.

If this government succeeds in it's destructive attempts what do you think is going to affect you more! A day at the beach or a day without a home, or food, or a table to put it on?

With the exception of a few Lone Wolfs out there who realize the import of their personal involvement in determining how our government functions - am worried about how few of you folks are truly paying attention. YOU can make a difference if we stand together!

Want proof of staying disinterested does to your society and how you know it. Simply look back at the near total destruction of the Native American Nations and their lack of interest in the success of a united front! Look to the philosophy of Tecumseh to understand the import of what I say.



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