How should global warming be taught?

The ridiculousness of the hypocrisy demonstrated by supposed intellectual leaders is astounding. How many cool summers (of which the summer of 2014 has become) and record setting cold/snowy winters such as 2013-2014 where the Great Lakes froze completely (first time in recorded history) does it take to help one turn their heads in the opposite direction? These people are like crotchety old people who will absolutely never change their minds no matter how the Truth points.

This is an EGO filled malady that inconsequential people attempt to use to grab attention to themselves, like two people spreading untrue gossip about someone and in the course of that potentially ruining another persons life with a pathetic attempt at gaining attention.

We each have a responsibility to seek out the unbiased Truth and then not accept someone Else's untruth simply to be part of a group. We call those people groupies who are so desperate for attention they will create lies to support themselves.

How disgustingly Egotistical does one have to be to think that small ego filled humans beings can affect the order of Mother Earth. Long after we have destroyed ourselves - the Earth will still turn and self correct.

This is a mental disorder.

How Should Global Warming be Taught


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