To all the Women that are fighting a made up foe called men!

This made up war against women is disgusting and intentionatly divisive, done by a group of true losers because something in their lives didn't work exactly as thier dreams were interpreted by them.

None of our lives will be perfect and in truth nor should it be. We are here to learn to live in whatever way we need to in order to progress to a higher road. That involves pain.
- Your so wrapped up in your own defense of the vindictiveness of women's lib that your actually contributing to the divide.
You need to get over the Man vs. Woman attitude cause you play right into the politcal machines hand. It's not about me vs. you - it's about you and me together and whom we can teach the Truth too. Life to be true must be done with gentleness, softness and love and everyone once in awhile give a lesson to others as a mother grizzly bear would give to her cubs to keep them out of trouble.

Roar like hell and then back off and let the lesson of the roar sink in. We cannot survive divided no matter what you liber friends will tell you. Just look at those same people who attempt to divide and you will see the pain of your own eyes reflected back at you.
Listen to the wind of Spirit and understand. If you get caught in the politics of twisting the mind to their way of greed and making people suffer - you have lost.....


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