Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Oki Niksokowa (relatives)


I am sure by now you have seen by my posts that there seems to be an inordinate level of anger focused upon the Democratic Party which needs a bit of explanation. I am a Blackfoot Native American who has seen this party tear down our people and keep them enslaved with false promises and token payments keeping them on the edge of desperation for decades, yet not so hungry that they will be motivated to get off their butts and rid themselves of the repressiveness of a government bent on genocide one way or another, preferably self-imposed. Do any of you remember the story of Wounded Knee or the Trail of Tears? How about Sand Creek Massacre? My people are blind to what is being done to them and what they themselves are doing to themselves because of blindness and being so close to the problem that they don’t see it for what it is. Does this make me angry? You bet it does.


We elected this president who promised he would lead us out of this type of situation and has totally reneged on all his promises not only to us Native American people but to Black and Whites and all in between. He has failed to release Leonard Peltier who has been in prison for something that has not yet been proven – for 13347 days (36.5 yrs.) and counting and who will most likely die in prison for something he likely did not do. Does this make me angry? You bet it does.


His Democratically run Senate headed by Dingy Harry who makes unfounded accusations that border on the level of retardation against Mitt Romney instead of passing a budget which it has failed to do for 3 ½ years. Can any of you remember anytime this was done before?  Democrats allow their president Mafia like control and kowtow to him like he was the Boss of Bosses. Chicago style Mob leadership. You see where that got their last Chicago mayor! Chicago has twice the murder rate of Mexico City! These are your Democratic leaders. Does this make me angry? You bet it does.


I am 66 years old and began my adult life as a Democrat in the Kennedy days when John Kennedy stated, “Ask not what your country can do for you, but instead ask what you can do for your country!” I heard that speech and it has stuck with me all my life. When the Democratic Party sunk to the abyss of “asking their country what it could do for them” and leaving off  “what can I do for my country!”  I left the party. Their principles are no longer a process I can be proud of.


The custom of my tribe deems that as soon as one reaches the age of 55 years a person is considered Grandfathers or Grandmothers and are deemed people of wisdom. There is a deep responsibility that comes with that designation, one which I do not take lightly. The first is to always react to society with the principles of Honesty, Honor, Courage, and Sincerity, Compassion, Duty and Loyalty. We become the leaders and teachers of those who come after us. That I do not take lightly.


You can probably determine I am not a pacifist as defined by a culture gone mad with a definition of a term they do not understand! Do I beat on every person who disagrees with me? Of course not but I also do not lie down and ask them to walk all over my principles either. I look at life fairly simply, if you are a good person then it will be apparent by your actions, if you’re not that will be apparent by how much you run your mouth without anything intelligent coming out.


What makes me very angry is the absolute stupidity that some of my fellow citizens display with their abject, compulsive loyalty to a president who is NOT their friend. Is never going to be their friend and is so egotistical that he views all of you as little people who are ignorant and cannot survive without his interference! Really? Is that true? Are you so helpless you cannot survive on your own? Somehow some people think he is going change his stripes mid-stream and become their savior – NOT! What does it take to make an intelligent person out of an apparent moron? All I know at this point is Shock therapy. Thus my comments on Facebook and Blog! Reason does not work as I do not see the results of reason and the changes that must take place for reason to prevail. Reason comes only to those who embrace real Change for the betterment of their culture, not for themselves. If you cannot change then don’t get in the way of it. Life is Change.


To me there is no way in hell there should be as many supporters of Barak Obama as is being reported if you’re paying attention. If you’re not paying attention, please give up your citizenship and move somewhere it doesn’t matter how you behave, act or think! I for one do not want to be wasting my time in any more anger but I somehow think this is going to go on till either I die or a responsible president replaces the moron now in power and reason takes precedence! Aho


Waatowa Pistoto,

Two Feathers




Anonymous said...

Thanks for the words of wisdom, Friend! I can not blame you for your anger, for things are equally as frustrating "North of the border". Unfortunately, until a significantly larger number of people realize that politicians, ALL of them, are selfish, self-serving, elitist liars, none of us will be free. Most people in the world have been robbed of their ability to "do for themselves" and are reliant on tyrants to feed, clothe, and care for them.
Well, I have come to learn that everything I NEED, is on the Earth and under the Sky. I am in the warrior years of my life, so to those elitists who would have us all divided and conquered, I say bring it on! I no longer pay any mind to their rhetoric, because for thousands of years, under different names and with many faces, "they" have never told the truth.
Thanks again for the words of wisdom, for we live in a time when the wisdom of years is sorely needed!

Peace and Protection, Friend!
Sean (Eaglehart)

Carrie Ries said...

Remember that the President is not the only means of change. Maybe one of the quickest, but only if we were to run a massive grassroots campaign for a qualified candidate and convince enough voters. The powers are supposed to be separated between the federal gov., state gov.'s, courts, and anything not specified to these is to be a right of the people. The real place to start, beyond education of the earth and character is with reestablishing, reclaiming, and maintaining our rights as American citizens.