Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Oki Unnamed

Off hand I have not heard of Mr Thom so know nothing of him.

However what gives him away is his egotistical view that the Human being is anything more than a tick on the back of an elephant in relation to his view of affecting the earth.

Traditional Native people are always cognizant of their duty to Mother Earth but not in the view of taking away of but gratefulness to the mother in giving to the children. In no way are Traditionals concerned with taking to much as they are very aware that it is within the power of the Mother to give and if the mother stops giving then that is the power of the Earth over it's children. It will be respected.

Ceremonies are held to express gratitude that the mother has chosen to give to her children and nothing else. Us Human Beings do not have power to control the Earth in any way even global warming in the mind of man is an Egoistic thinking process trying to elevate man beyond his capabilities. We have been a presence on the Earth a farthing of time in consideration of how long Mother has been alive. She has gone through warming and cooling trends from the beginning and we have little to do with it.

All Native people are aware of the sin of waste and of course the traditional does not waste anything. Which in and of itself can sometimes be carried overboard. If you drive through a Pine Ridge Reservation you will see what looks to like garbage from one end to the other but to the Native American a junk car is simply a Pony waiting to heal. We throw away nothing and while this looks one way to a white man it totally represents frugality to a Native person.

We ask for permission to kill a deer for dinner and hold this so dear to us that a deer would be willing to give it's life to further ours that we hold a ceremony before and after the kill in honor of the deer.

It is simplicity at simplicities best and I for one am proud to call myself a Native Human being.

I thank Creator for your asking the question.

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