Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Life Passed - Rahne Redhawk

Oki Everyone -

I want to thank all those that responded to my Granddaughters – Rahne’s exit from this life into the next.

That support was what I was seeking all along and you gave it freely which showed me something.

Writing lessons about this is proving very difficult at best as I cannot seem to clear my eyes long enough to type. However I will explain I have very unique communications with the Spirit people

who have gone on to teach from other places and I have very strong memories of lives gone by

where a very different societal definition was practiced! These memories are so strong within me that I very often will regress to them in time of stress and need of emotional support.

I always teach from these memories as the constructs of tribal life seem to make so much more sense to me than what life has evolved into in these “modern days” For instance in a tribal setting a parent is a parent for life and does not relinquish their parental responsibilities when the child reaches 18 or 25 or 55. Parents are responsible for the life and wellbeing of their children if they are allowed to undertake that responsibility. This is also the responsibility of the whole tribe – to watch for, care for and protect the lives that they have created. There is also a price to pay if you come up short in your responsibility. Such is the case with the parents of Rahne and I included. No matter what – this should have been recognized as a possibility and rectification should have followed. If I was allowed access to her this would not have happened I assure all of you! But this world is not the old world of responsibility and recognition of the fact that it simply does take a tribe to raise a child.

Today parents are told – “you made them – you take care of them”. That is the beginning of the Dark side!

This has been a pattern in my family for at least three generations – with each generation becoming more separated from the one just past until there is no relativity within the family. Everyone is simply flailing and falling into an existence that even to the most insipient of reserved personalities could not understand or appreciate. This is the path of Evil and it must be eradicated before there is complete destruction of what was once a very well-known and well to do family that was respected in all walks of life.

In tribal life these responsibilities were to a large part the definition of the matriarchal aspect of the tribe and the women were ultimately the carriers of all of the societal responsibilities.  Why? Because the men were busy supplying the meat for the tribe so they could live and defending the tribe against its enemies so they could live. A full time job at best and one that did not get relinquished at bedtime. So in that world there was no bullshit about “she never worked a day in her life”! That just did not happen.

An integral function of the tribe was also to provide support for each member and to be able in numbers divide the pain that did happen with a death or sickness so that no-one had to bear any pain alone! When you all supported me in this, you are whether you know it or not harkening back to tribal time of your own and it is good sign in this world of selfishness and greed where neither man nor woman know their true role in society.

So where I go from here I do not know,  Spirit is helping me with this which I could not do without them. But my little Grandchild Rahne who lived a life of pain and uncertainty directly from the hands of a completely irresponsible mother – I have determined will not be easily forgotten. She will be remembered as long as all those that read this understand the deeper implications of the teachings.

Remember this – You have only one chance to get it Right and if you do then the least you can say is that “I harmed no one in this life!”  If you get it wrong that is another thing altogether as you have harmed yourself, your family, your children, your friends and society. You will pay a price for this. If you’re forced to make a judgment call, make sure it is the right one!

Grant Redhawk

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