Saturday, May 7, 2011

Older Than America

Oki - For all of you out there who think you understand the Ways of the Native People of this Land, watch this movie and then ask yourself how much you understand. We have suffered all of our lives from the disillusionment and hate of the white people. From your selfishness and greed and your religious malarkey that continues breed the type of priests in this movie. You call yourselves civilized and yet you continue to turn away from your own countrymen. We fight along side you in your wars that have nothing to do with us, we suffer when you suffer and we pay what you pay and yet you ignore us who are more in need than any other race that you can name. Our men suffer a death rate six times higher than the white man and our children commit suicide rather than suffer as their parents have and yet you ignore us. What separates white people from the evil that you bring down on us? - Two Feathers Redhawk

Watch and be truly educated - Ho
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