Sunday, February 20, 2011

An Exploration of Unconditional Love

All, everything that I understand, I understand only because I love.
       - Leo Tolstoy

I am going to take drastic detour from my normal ranting's to a place much more personal and closer to the heart. Some of you I am sure are going to be angry at what I am about to disclose and will ask to be unsubscribed from my mailing.  That is fine if you cannot face truth now then so be it but I intend to post this on my blog as well.
So if you start to come down off your bruised ego to a point of thinking maybe you don't know everything you can go there and read these postings.
On my way home today from Queensbury and grocery shopping I got caught up in listening to the 50th Anniversary of Amnesty International on NPR and what it was attempting to accomplish and found myself wondering how the hell did we get to a place where such an organization is necessary. I look at the incredible selfishness of public employees across this great nation as demonstrated in Wisconsin to the Jasmine Revolution in China and I hear loudly and clearly the screams of a very unhappy group of the Human Race that is yelling " We are mad as hell and We aren't going to take this anymore."
I hear this and I ask why are we in the year 2011 and still dealing with stuff that should have been resolved in the dark ages? This in my opinion comes from a very basic place in our humanity which talks to our perceived well being and what is being demonstrated by the public at large as the way to accomplish the ideal life.
I am going to talk about the Intimacy of Romance and all that it's accepted evil entails to the abuse of the mate in place of the love of the mate that should be the result of the truth of love and its success.  This is going to lead down a very personal road for me and I believe my life is a simple magnification of the individual experiences of others who are I am sure processing these same experiences to a lesser but no less damaging experience of life. I am 64 years old and this enables me to a place of honesty that in earlier years would not be so forthcoming. I have experienced the lack of love to the point of total discouragement of the human condition but I am not looking to extend my love/non-love experience so this enables me to a place of honesty that otherwise would discourage my hope of ever overcoming this failing. 
Why? Because I believe this is the reason and the source of our problems as a society. Our experiences of relationship are what determine how we react to life as we know it in all its many variations. Example my dog tore up the living room the other day. I could have responded in anger and disciplined him severely however that couldn't be my response to such a loving companion. What was he trying to say to me? I know what he is saying and I am at a loss to know what to do about it. But I know I cannot teach him more anger….
So with all that said I will begin where there seems to be no end. Note this is an exposition of my life so to speak. While it is shameful, I have nothing to be ashamed of, but because I am Native American many people have attempted to take advantage of who I am. To those I say – if anything is uncovered that makes you uncomfortable –I am sorry but the story is going to be told. If you feel you wish to pursue me legally be my guest and stand in line. We will see how much more exposure your willing to stand up to by going to a public court. Win or lose your still exposed.

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