Pine Ridge, South Dakota-Prisoner of War Camp 334

Most of you who know me personally know that I am a complex, happy yet angry man of mixed Blackfoot and Scottish blood. I have fought hard for many years for an understanding of our Native American people of this land to gain a foothold in society where our people can pull themselves up and out of what was created for them by a selfish and greedy white man mind set.

I have watched the white man propel themselves along a pathway to self-destruction much as they have murdered my people in all ways. Spiritually – physically – mentally and morally we have been lied too, stolen from, massacred, used to gain personal uplifting (oh yes I am married to a Native American – how wonderful am I!), you name the Evil and it has been done to us.

But then you see what – a native society on the razors edge of total annihilation and you turn your selfish backs on us an go and help Haitians, people in the Middle East who incidentally are waiting for the opportunity to fulfill the order of the Koran to kill the infidel! You help anyone in the world except your own people!

What the hell is wrong with white people? You are the manifestation of the Anti-Christ traveling all over the world spreading the Good – Word of the bible that declares all unbaptized people ineligible to enter heaven? Who would have you believe the Dark Ages were created by some unknown sect of some unknown religion that we know nothing about? Who would have you believe that babies are born with original sin? That you can’t improve who you are unless you submit to the word of the Bible which is as corrupt as the men who wrote it?

How long is it going to take before you people start to understand the limitations religion places upon you? The problem is obvious in its egotistical objective of keeping you captive to an idea of someone else. It’s most prevalent Evil is that it steers you in a direction of the selfish beliefs of another human being – not GOD. It is because of this that you reject the natural compassion you were born with and take on someone else’s idea of compassion and you then ignore the insipid problem of the people you have stolen from in the first place.


Please watch the following: Pine Ridge, South Dakota-Prisoner of War Camp 334

Turn your hearts inside out and start to bring these people back to their rightful place in the world. You OWE them ………..


Anonymous said…
Two Feathers,

You have the media and savvy to bring this
unknown to middle America's flat screens,
colleges and public education system.

The spot light should remain a constant.
Your Celtic friend
Digital Dig said…
You are right. Christianity has become an instrument of evil, the backbone to the NWO that now rules the world. Their religion is unreal. I grew up with the non-sense. Now the indigenous people must teach. Do not waste your time getting angry. The will pay high and soon be over with. Please keep showing us how to be children of the earth.
Parking said…
I come from Indonesia and I am really very happy with this article, happy to come here and a lot of knowledge that can be my take on this Blog. apologize if my writing does not fit into place. Thank you
Biidassige said…
I am Lakotah and Odawa. My grandfathers told me as yours did you to go out and see what we can learn from the white man and bring the best back to our people. I have read the Book you condemned in this article and what I have discovered is that the religions that came under the guise of "Christians" held the Book up to bring credibility to who they wanted us to believe they were. It was as big a lie as any that was told us. I have lived our traditions and believe our cultures came from a spiritual origin. I read the Book looking for the reason to throw it away and only found more reasons for being Indian and worshipping the Great Creator in our way. Too many base their opinion on the behaviors of those who claimed it as their authority and have not read the Book, rather allowing someone else to interpret it for them. If you have not read the Book than any comment about it is hearsay. I am Indian and I have found the Book to be true.
Unknown said…
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Danny said…
I am a white man, to my shame, and have become increasingly angry with Western Christianity and the people who claim that name.There has been far to much evil done in Jesus name. That said, I aspire to be a true follower of Jesus. Please do not confuse people who use Jesus as a mask to hide their evil with Jesus himself. Instead look at the very few who actually follow (or followed, they are mostly dead) the true Jesus, whether they claim Christ or not. Mother Teresa, Ghandi, St. Francis, St. Martin de Porres, Peace Pilgrim, Chief In-mut-too-yah-lat-lat (Joseph) Daniel Suelo, just to name a few. Look at the reality of the lives of the people who follow this Way and that is the Truth. The Truth is not words in any book, the Truth is how that Word changes the lives of those who truly hear.
Katsyann said…
Wow! I feel your anger and hatred. It saddens me. I hope that somehow you can forgive the evils done to Indigenous Peoples by European immigrants. The reason: hate can hold you back, and down - in bondage. To forgive is to heal and grow. By the way, I thought that part of the Creators plan is to be at peace with all. Anger, etc. toward others will not heal the atrocities done to the People. Nothing can change what has already been done... I pray that the Great One will heal the peoples of the earth, and together we can save Mother Earth!

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