Saturday, August 2, 2014

To Live with Honor


Grant Redhawk The whole deal is a question of honor. If you enter into a verbal agreement on something - a sale of objects or exchange of services, the agreement holds until one or the other breaks it. This bullshit of first come first served is what has made human beings into shameless self serving morons who need to be shot at the earliest opportunity. Your word has to be your honor or you are the lowest of the low. You NEVER break a deal - you wait for the other one to do so. THEN YOUR WALKING A HIGHER ROAD!
XXXXXXXXXX Too many people have not honored their word is the reason first come first serve.
Grant Redhawk Well now that is White man / Black man behavior isn't it? Look how many of our treaties your people kept......
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Now Grant that's just wrong. We are all American and blaming your people now for sins of ancestors is not right. Back 5 generations my grandmother is Indian rest of me is mixed German, French, Dutch, English etc none of it matters I am American and am not guilty of the sins of my ancestors.
Grant Redhawk While I understand your need to distance yourself from what you know to be abhorrent behavior of your ancestors - in fact your are as responsible as them for correcting this behavior. We are all responsible for the next Seven generations into our future and the previous Seven generations into our past. It absolutely is your responsibility to first acknowledge and apologize for what your ancestors may have done but then to make the apology believable you must take positive physical action in correcting those behaviors. That's living with HONOR. - For far to long we Native people have tolerated bad behavior from whites/blacks, now is the time for an initiation of correction. Thus the Idle No More movement has been born! - You may need to think about this for awhile because it calls for a change in your basic response system and your adolescent need for no change. It takes a very unusual person to move past the past and improve upon the future. Not many can do so! - Redhawk
Idle No More
Idle No More calls on all people to join in a peaceful revolution, to honor Indigenous sovereignty, and to protect the land and water.
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Which side do I apologize for? Do I apologize for what my Indian side did to perhaps another tribe? What my German side did to Jewish people? Or the English side did? Grant they were wrong in their thinking and ways. Just like many things today are wrong. But I hold to my belief that above all we are Americans and that I am not guilty for the sins of my ancestors. I am tired of others making America into the bad guy and clumping all races into stereotypes. Just because one person is dishonorable of a race doesn't make the entire race bad. My point isn't to argue but just that clumping an entire race together is wrong. Now excuse me while my Indian side goes n beats an apology out of the white blood.
Grant Redhawk What ever it takes to correct the wrongs of the past - I'm for! I deal with the same malady you do in that I am not full blood. But there is a Spiritual side (which many people mistakenly ignore) which directs my traffic. In that sense I am as full blood as Crazy Horse and I follow a Traditional path that demands I live with Honor. That demands that I take an active role in correcting the past and educating the future human beings of this country. When you think about your own spiritual path you will be strongly drawn to one source be that Native or European. Maybe then you can be more clear as to what you need to do. I am not trying to do anything with you other than give you a new insight into which to make good judgment calls. Creator asks that we make one person smile each day and that we change one judgment a day to something that more clearly defines our own truth.

XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Grant I believe regardless of skin color we should all honor our world as in the case of original post what the guy in Vermont did was wrong he should have taken name n numbers of people next in line. My only difference in opinion is the term you people grouping all together. Though I think people should embrace their heritage I also feel we are all American. Had I said you people to someone being as fair skinned as my European ancestry I would be called a racist. If we are to face the evils that lie ahead we must stop being African American, Native American, Latin American and be American as a United Country of people of different races. All need to be honorable, stick to their word, and love this great country.
Grant Redhawk I do agree to a point - however Wounded Knee, Sand Creek, Marias Massacres and the Dakota 38 which was ordered by Lincoln get in my way. Intentional distribution of small pox infected blankets to murder off an entire race get in the way. The murder of 100 million of my bothers and sisters get in the way. The theft of our lands and the breaking of treaties get in the way. You tell me how to heal that and I will gladly come over. What is actually being said although I know you don't realize it is you abdicate your responsibility for what your ancestors have intentionally done to my people. Not to insult but I have found no way to avoid it when I hear this type of response. By the way just so you know your people are still doing these things today - the only difference is it's being done covertly. So yes this gives me reason to not be related to you people!
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX And this why a once great nation will collapse because her people can not come together as one because "you people" keep blaming good decent people on race alone. May God help us all.
Grant Redhawk You know what - You just echoed all the Native People! THAT'S Why!
Grant Redhawk You all seem to forget one very important TRUTH! We were here long before you were even a gleam in your daddies eye. You came here and forcefully took our land and our lives. Now you want US to forgive you? It' ain't happening now, in the future nor will it ever happen. You want Peace? Go back to what ever Evil European Country thought you up!
Grant Redhawk
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