Saturday, December 22, 2012

NRA and National School Shield Program

After listening to the NRA's speech again I was caught by the generous offer of free training for volunteers who would serve in the public school system and protectors of our children. This training would be provided by the NRA - Free of Charge.

In other words if a school system choose this path there would be NO cost to the school or the Federal government and the volunteers would be trained by the best security people in the world.

As of yet I have not heard one word about this program by any of the mainstream weenie media representatives. I can only assume they are saying to the NRA F U - it's our way or the highway.

I am Native American - and I can tell you that is the attitude that caused prison camps most of us live on, politely called Reservations - which has resulted in the untold loss of life of our people, a near 80% unemployment rate on reservations and a suicide rate triple the national average of our children. I have yet to hear the out cry by the leftist, Marxist media or the weenies representing them. Why do our children not deserve the same concern as Sandy Hook?

We people who are in our right minds need to take control back from the idiots that have taken over our society and make this a country to be proud of again. One that China would shiver at the suggestion of demanding we give up our arms.
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