Saturday, December 22, 2012

NRA and National School Shield Program

After listening to the NRA's speech again I was caught by the generous offer of free training for volunteers who would serve in the public school system and protectors of our children. This training would be provided by the NRA - Free of Charge.

In other words if a school system choose this path there would be NO cost to the school or the Federal government and the volunteers would be trained by the best security people in the world.

As of yet I have not heard one word about this program by any of the mainstream weenie media representatives. I can only assume they are saying to the NRA F U - it's our way or the highway.

I am Native American - and I can tell you that is the attitude that caused prison camps most of us live on, politely called Reservations - which has resulted in the untold loss of life of our people, a near 80% unemployment rate on reservations and a suicide rate triple the national average of our children. I have yet to hear the out cry by the leftist, Marxist media or the weenies representing them. Why do our children not deserve the same concern as Sandy Hook?

We people who are in our right minds need to take control back from the idiots that have taken over our society and make this a country to be proud of again. One that China would shiver at the suggestion of demanding we give up our arms.

Monday, December 17, 2012


Oki Niksokowa

One day an email came to me from a person asking for help and it particularly garnered my attention. I will leave names out as it’s not important – however the content is the first time I have received anything of this type in over twenty-five years of teaching. It has everything to do with beings the Spirits call ‘Walkers’. So it is time that I explained what a ‘Walker’ is and what they do. The story goes something like this:

Note: Before I am inundated with requests for information regarding this subject, please consider where your Ego is and what it might have to do with your question. Most people are not blessed with this communication ability and you must consider that! We are here in this life to learn and to teach and that is all. None of us are heroes but simply Keepers of the Circle and that must be our goal. So given this if you still feel you must email me with questions and I do not answer you, then that is my answer.

Also please be aware that many of my Native American relatives look harshly at what I am about to share and do not think I should be teaching these things to whites. Here is my answer to those types who in my view do not know the Great Spirit as they should!

“I never let people put me down because I am a mixed blood. I consider it an advantage because I SEE both worlds and understand both worlds. Creator knew what He was doing when he made me and I am so proud of that. I am Blackfoot and that's for sure. Any who know me knows that I am Blackfoot but I am also white and that gives me a distinct advantage over ignorance.... If you think you have an advantage over me because you are full blood you are a fool.....

The key component to who I am is my adherence to Traditional Ways -That's what separates me from the apples (Red on the outside -white on the inside)! Eliminate confusion and you eliminate chaos”


My husband has seen a vision of a Native American with and without full headdress for a couple of years. He has seen a shield with buffalo, eagle, bear, and turtle on it. This Native American has spoken to him in a language he doesn't understand. He has a sense of urgency to look in a certain direction only to be looking straight at something that is Native American related. Ex: Picture of Native American on a plate, dream catcher hanging in a car, tent at antique sale with medicine bag, tent with historical Native American artifacts. I have witnessed this. He saw vision of a pile of feathers that weren't there. He has seen vision of this Native American at our home, outside our truck travelling on vacation, and my daughter has even seen him once in a different state. My daughter has also has had several visions of her brother and things he was experiencing on several occasions. They were in different states. We believe my husband’s great grandmother was adopted and Native American, but we have been unable to find out her name and where she was from. He once went up to a stranger because he felt the urge to ask him if he was Native American and the guy just looked at him and said no but that he lived with the great-great granddaughter of Chief Osceola. Can you tell me anything about what's happening to my husband?


Oki -Well this is not all that unusual. Your husband must demand that if spirit wishes to talk to him they have to find a way to be understood.

This similar thing happened to me and I demanded unspecifically that they get me out of a mess. They got me out but because I was unspecific the solution was almost as bad as the problem.

So be careful with this. Your husband is seeing memories of a past life and at the same time is being contacted by his dead relatives in their language. He and they have to find a way around this. This can be solved and you all can have doubt but make sure the doubt is healthy. Let the communication unfold but ask that it unfold gently and in specifics that he can understand and that are not damaging. This can be very disruptive if you let it so relax and allow into your life that which you do not expect. Go with the flow and know that some messages unfold in their own time!

You all are very blessed by this so respect is totally necessary.


He absolutely respects it. It started just before the time of his mother's passing. At first it happened very frequently and mostly at night, so we thought he was in a state of being half asleep. Then it started happening in the middle of the day. He doesn't ask for anything. He tried to ignore it. He was afraid people would think he was crazy.

My son has had some personal problems over the past couple of years, and my husband sometimes thinks it's a warning that something bad is happening with him. Then I made my husband go the doctor, which he avoided for his first 50 years, because I was worried it was a warning for him. We found out his B/P was extremely high and is now controlled with meds.

We neither encourage nor ignore it. It's just something that randomly happens. And it's the same Native American that he sees and he doesn't give him any sense of danger. I just keep track of dates, what he sees, and what he hears the Native American say. He doesn't speak out loud, my husband hears him in his head say something in native language or he often gives him the sense he has to look in a certain direction, which is when he will see something like the plate (that is there) and the feathers (that weren't real).

It was very scary at first, and I think that's why it's been less intrusive. The Native American used to stand over one of us while we were sleeping, one night we were watching TV and he heard a horse walk down our hall way and the Native American stopped in the doorway on his horse.

The strangest things, I just wish we could find out who his grandmother was. I think I told you, he doesn't have any known Native American in his family. Just a great-grandmother that was adopted to a childless couple that we were told was a full-blooded Native American. We haven't been able to find her birth name. His parents and grandparents are gone and genealogy just states she was an adopted child.

Sorry so long, it just seems wonderful to talk to someone who understands what my husband is going through. Thank you for your response. I will share it with my husband.


Oki - One thing more which I failed to mention that last time. There is a Spirit Talk Language that only the spirits use with each other. That's the reason the name of my org. is Spiritalk. I use this from time to time.

It comes out vocal especially when I am by myself and I encounter another person going by whom I feel more than see and somehow know they are a Walker like me. The gibbering just happens and I go with it till it stops.

Likely your husband is a Walker and it's also likely he will never understand that language. But he should not deny it nor stop it when he is in a place where it would be appropriate to vocalize.

Never use it to show off or to gain attention, simply when he is alone or when he is with you. I have found very astounding situations happen sometimes soon after I vocalize.

I too this day I do not know what it is that is said but I find myself in a very special place when using it like I am half in and half out of my body and that a special energy surrounds me.

He likely feels the same thing and if or when you’re aware you may feel that energy as well.

We are not just here in a physical body with limited purpose. There is another part that we are expected to play which is to gently teach the non-walkers how to walk.

We do this by choosing a higher path than anyone else and when difficulty happens and they surely will, we are expected to choose the high road. That is the reason for the following:­waywar.html

There is not likely to be much success in finding your ancestors so learn to not spend too much energy there. If I can be of further information just ask and I will answer till it's my time to Walk with the Spirits!

Walk with Honor



What my husband remembers hearing is-Oh Wah Chi -which he was told meant 'my friend.' The great, great granddaughter of Chief Osceola asked her grandmother what his words meant.

I was showing him your web site. He saw the medicine wheel and it spooked him. It looked like the shield he saw in a vision except his had a turtle instead of a wolf. It was red rimmed with feathers around it.

I wouldn't say he uses it to get attention. He doesn't really like anybody talking about it. He only talks to other people about a vision if he has an overpowering sense that he is supposed to talk to them. He goes months with nothing, than something will happen again.

He absolutely agrees with the half in and half out of your body experience.

He is curious about the 'Walker'. Do you have more information on this?

Thank you again for your understanding and insight.


'Oh Wah Chi' I believe is Lakota  - but I’m not sure!

A Walker will respond in voices unfamiliar with any known languages. You will not know what is there. The only way to know its reality is through your soul, most respond in Ego and that is not real. What you hear will be beyond Ego and unfamiliar and yet you know that it is real. Listen closely....

A Walker is charged with Teaching, it is not known whether by example or by spoken word or by action but mostly by action.

Understand this: None of us can return to the Center until we ALL are ready to return.

In that way you will know what a Walker is ­they are teachers who bring us back to the center. Your husband will be influenced by Spirits to the point of insistence that he teach others to walk the path!

This is mostly by example but Spirit will find unique ways for him to teach the path. It can be in groups but mostly will be one on one. Gentle and insistent but flexible in knowing that all cannot adhere to the specifications of Spirit.

All people need room to understand and that can take so much time that you think you’re not getting through.

But there will be times when a person will say "Hey this is my last haircut because I understand the lesson of the long hair."

That is the time you will know you are getting through.

It's that simple and that complex.

You will know when you KNOW.

Reply additional:

A Walker is a special being that walks between worlds taking instructions from the Spirit world and putting them into action in the world you see before you.

These Spirit beings are normally family members who have passed on as I think I have referred to.

These Walkers are people who take extra effort to Walk a Higher Road and have higher standards and expectations of themselves than normal folk.

They always see evil before anyone else does and try to take action to eliminate it in whatever way they are instructed to do.

The evil is not always apparent to an average person but a Walker knows instinctively who is and who isn't!

A Walker can elicit the help of others but only to a limited degree and they have to rely on what they hear in the other world to determine what to do.

A Walker normally walks this path by themselves -in other words there is no Club to join that I am aware of so their actions are their responsibility.

The hardest part of this is getting the instructions correct. A Spirit conversation can be very ambiguous because in the spirit world they are only allowed to interfere on a very superficial level. They cannot do the job of life for you. That's up to the Walker to ascertain; therefor their character has to be of the highest intent.

Ever watch Braveheart? The story of William Wallace? He was a Walker. Crazy Horse was a Walker! Black Elk was a Walker as well as Jesus Christ and the Buddha and Gandhi were Walkers! They had convictions of the true actions of what a man needs to aspire to and the courage to do the job of educating the other lesser advantaged beings even in the face of their own peril. (Am I comparing myself to any of these? No I am simply aware that there different shades of the same color!)

We are few and far between -we are alone and we accept that at least in the physical. But we are never lonely as we have the entire Spirit world to tap into.

Never despair in the face of chaos because all it takes to turn the chaos into peace is a "simple change of mind."

The hardest thing to control in all of this is the EGO -as a Walker you are expected not to have an EGO.....

If your Ego controls your actions the Spirits will walk away!

Once again I hope I have made life a bit easier for you all with this.

Waatowa Pistoto, Two Feathers -Kainaiwa -Blackfoot Nation

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