Tuesday, February 22, 2011

An Exploration of Unconditional Love Pt. 3

All, everything that I understand, I understand only because I love.

Leo Tolstoy

In many if not most tribal settings the children’s upbringing is a function of the whole tribe with the moral teachings coming from the aunts and uncles, not the parents. The feeling is that an aunt or uncle are enough separated from the emotions of a mom or dad that the advice they provide will be more attuned to the consciousness of the child and not the wants and needs of the parent.

The children are not punished but are subject to the peer pressure of their age groups and much emphasis is placed on how each child is viewed by the tribe as whole. It seems a child will react much more positively when they are directed by the opinions of other people besides their parents whom a child will much more likely rebel against. This in turn results in the ability of the parent to show the child how much they are loved if the parent does not have to then discipline the child which puts the child in a place of doubt about how much their parent truly loves them if they are constantly correcting them. This creates a competitive environment for the child where their emotional growth is encouraged instead of repressed as in other races who take the attitude of get out of my space you little brat so I can live without the stress or the responsibility that I know I have created for you but am too damn selfish and into what I am doing to have any time for you…..

To me our white/black society is positively the most ignorant selfish environment a child could have the misfortune to be born into that one can think of. If a non-native would take the time to study and get to know the native culture of this land and see how differently a native child grows up and responds to positive surroundings and carries this into adulthood we wouldn’t be seeing the high numbers of crime, divorce and suicide that we see. To add insult to injury the native culture has done this for thousands of years. Who the hell is keeping this secret? Who in the end are the losers? The white materialistic Smith vs. Jones monetarily completive morons you see out there struggling to be adults in a sub-teenage emotional state of non-growth or the poor families of most Native groups who put their society and its healthy survival ahead of their own selfish desires?

To add even more insult to injury many tribal people have adopted the outside influences that are destroying their children and their families.

I’m not just making a general statement about the USA; I’m talking about how kids are raised all over the world. People cannot figure out why 2/3rds of the world hate us! It’s not about how much we have here vs. there; it’s about the influences our selfish, self-serving ignorant smug citizens have on the rest of the world’s impressionable people. They see our riches and excesses and then they see how our people are towards each other and the calculations do not add up. It seems to these people of different countries that if you do goodness all your life and help your societies to stay well then you’re doomed to lack, want and suffering. But if you do evil and I am making no bones about this – our country is attuned to evil. Don’t believe that? How do you explain what is happening in Wisconsin or Arizona? Hell – How do explain New Jersey :) If you’re self-serving, you’re rewarded with riches. How does that not fit in with what our traditional elders are trying to get across to our thick but miniscule brains?
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