Wednesday, February 23, 2011

An Exploration of Unconditional Love Pt. 4

All, everything that I understand, I understand only because I love.
-Leo Tolstoy

As you might have noticed I changed the title of this series. In retrospect while the concept of intimacy turning to hate is a very real problem in our society that is not the message I am trying to get across. I am not in a place of hate and I don’t want to give that impression.

I am in a place of wonder however at the gross inept society that we live in.

To return America to a land of real honor you must first ask the indigenous people to forgive your forefathers mistakes and sins.

America is by far the most violent nation in the world today. Why America is so violent is the subject of much discussion and debate but never is anyone speaking to the real reasons or offering any real solutions.

Gun control, they say. We must put more controls. Yes more controls will do it. How about bullet control? Why not cutting everyone's hands off so if they want to shoot - only shooting with their feet. Yes, more controls. Let them keep their hands so they may vote for us. All in favor say Yea! The Yea's have it. More controls it is.

You want to understand why America is so violent, we are saying now; it is a curse from heavens for the violence committed upon the Native people upon their native soil. What goes around comes around.

Why is the Middle East suffering? For the same reasons, the sins of their ancestors who betrayed Prophet Muhammad and his companions and their continued disbelief - no effort to make amends. No remorse or sorrow.

Violence begets violence. It comes in many forms but the most destructive, abhorrent and vile violence is created within the family or the relationship and is mostly subtle and not immediately detectable. It comes in many forms such as a child being disrespectful to their parent or vice versa. Or woman seeking out a man for various reasons the most prevalent is support (gold diggers) but there can be excitement of the person as a reason or power or a host of other reasons and men do the same to women. What is worse is when they decide to get married and they make vows to each other not even having the slightest idea of what they are doing.

Does anyone anymore have any idea the power of a Vow and what happens when you break it? No it seems people only want instant gratification and to hell with the consequences. I once had a friend that I considered my best friend and she was from a people who would have rather died than break a vow. In fact they did die for their vows – century after century. I knew this going into the relationship and I knew how much she respected her ancestors and when a deeper connection came before us I readily agreed to it because I thought she knew the consequences of breaking those vows. But she did not or she thought the Universal Rules of Life didn’t apply to her or something because a few years later she broke those vows. When you break a vow, you effectively put a curse on yourself – most often for life.. You inevitably will suffer for this negative energy that you have surrounded yourself with. It may not be immediately apparent but it will come as sure as father Sun will be covered by the clouds of the cycle of life.

I would venture to say that most of the personal suffering that we do is a result of the breaking of Vows. How do I know such things? I pay attention to the minutest details of life and I listen to my ancestors. For example – the contemplation of the breaking of those vows came over a long period of time – I’m talking at least a year if not more. For a while the energy in our home was great and we were constantly in love with each other but there came a time when the contemplation and planning began, the energy turned very negative in our home to the point that even she was smudging the home to clear the energy on a daily basis. But it was no use because as she contemplated, the energy came back so day after day we suffered through this process. I knew what was up for having experienced this many times in the past. So I became fearful as well which did not help the situation.

Then the day of separation came. I dropped her off where she wanted to go. I went to work and came home. The energy was clear in my home and has stayed clear ever since she left. The first time I felt a need to smudge was 2 months later.

My point is this. First you never make a Vow that you don’t intend to keep. If you break it – you will pay for it in spades. As well as sometimes happens your loved ones will suffer along with you!

You say you are not responsible for what your ancestors have done? You say no, but you perpetuate the crimes and continue to reap the perceived rewards. But still you say you have no responsibility? You willingly inherited the benefits. Look all around you now at the world you have created…

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