Friday, February 25, 2011

An Exploration of Unconditional Love - cont..

A Short Story –

One day many years ago I and a friend visited Mesa Verde for the first time! Upon entry into the park I had a short vision of the whole place going up in smoke. Two weeks after we got back home the park burned – every bit that was burnable when up like tinder.

In the picture below you can see that it was taken from a vantage point across the canyon. This can easily be reached by a short drive. It is in fact an overlook on the western edge in which one can look at all the buildings on the other side.

On this day it was hot I recall 104 degrees and there was not a whisper of air moving anywhere. Nothing…

I felt very close to the ancestors here and I thought I could feel them clustered around us everywhere we went. From a pouch that I carried for sacred acknowledgements and thanks I pulled a pinch of corn meal, said a prayer and then let it trickle out of my fingers. As it left my fingers a breath of wind came up and blew it straight across to the dwellings before it fell into them.

I was indeed shocked as were all the people around us who numbered about 15 or 20 people. I have two particular friends in spirit that walk my same path and in fact at times they allow me to communicate with them. I knew they were there and I knew they peaked my curiosity. I said to them if that was the ancestors I need to see this again because I am human and filled with doubt as is everyone one a path of the Sacred. I heard “do it again”! I did – and from a silent air a wind arose and blew the corn meal across to the dwellings again.

From that point on I have had a special connection with the Anasazi and Mesa Verde and when things get hard for me as they are at this time in my life I get great relief from allowing my SELF to travel to Mesa Verde and talk to our people who are still there and ready to sooth and heal a hurt heart and soul.

From this special connection – no one person can totally take my attention away from the important things in life which are indeed few in number! The Sacred Path is life’s priority and all else falls a distant third to it! While the hurt may be real, it comes from unreal beings that have no consciousness outside themselves and therefore when they set out to hurt another, they in reality only hurt themselves. That is a special teaching if one fully understands the context one can thank the ancestors and Creator for finding a place of solace for you when you need it.


Two Feathers

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