Monday, December 20, 2010

Warrior Gene

Found out something very interesting listening to PBS last week! Scientists have discovered a Warrior gene in about 30 % of males! This accounts for the rage and anger that some men display! This comes from the early days of our existance when we had to address killing life in order to live. Seems a selfish act but a necessary one if one is to survive. However in the natural order of things one knows in their existence that killing is not conducive to life. Very confusing to the average psyche.

 Most men are dismayed when they go overboard and hurt someone they love and think "damn I didn't really want to do that" and then become ashamed of themselves and most become defensive and try to justify their actions with more anger.

Of course none of this is acceptable in normal society and it is the responsibility of the perpetrator to learn methods of control. But the first big step is knowing what may be causing the anger so that it ends the confusion of where it's coming from! If one knows from where their anger is generated they can more easily address the solution.

So women of the world you are not alone when dealing with difficult emotional responses and hopefully this will help all people show more compassion towards men  instead of responding with separation because you don't feel you have what it takes to respond with helpful healing actions that would diffuse the issue and turn it into a positive result. 

This from National Geographic:

About 30 percent of all men carry what’s known as “the warrior gene” – a tiny bit of DNA that predisposes them to violent behavior. A National Geographic show tonight called “Born to Rage” surveys the effect of this genetic material on the lives of various men from Southern California. One of those men is punk rocker Henry Rollins, who hosts the program.
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