Sunday, June 8, 2008

Take Back the System

Oki Niksokowa -

Todays sharing is done with regard to the political climate in this country!

In all things political I always look first at what is happening to our People the Original People of this land.

Then I look at the Economic, Societal and Foreign issues in that order.

I would consider it a favor if each one of you were to look at the following websites as a learning tool to determine how you  will decide what is best for this land and all the people in it.

I am not afraid to admit that I am not liberal and not conservative (with the idea of maintaining the current status quo of our governmental policies)! I am in theory a conservative in the view of maintaining our cultural histories and following those lessons as a guide line in the process of changing what is necessary to change but not so radically changed that the end result has lost all of the energy of that which guided the change.

Today we are faced with the extension of the destructive power that has already begun to destabilize us as a nation. High home prices, high  heating prices, high food prices and high gas prices. All spiraling upward out of control.  I consider this a priority over everything else we as a nation have on our table.

Remember this year as predicted by the Mayan Culture - 2012 - It is now 2008 and one can readily see destruction trying to get a foot hold. It will - unless we stop it. That's the reason for predictions, to give us an opportunity to change.

I don't usually endorse a Liberal view point in my decision making process but because of what is happening and because of what your are about to see, I do not have a choice but to  support Barack Obama! McCain is not who I want to see in power. He is old school conservative who does not seem to support any Native American agenda and in fact in the past has been very destructive of it.

I never thought I would say this - but in order for this country to survive the Chaos that it is in we need radical change that won't wait till after the election. NOW IS THE TIME.....

I am not in any way recommending to you who to vote for! That should be your choice alone but I am saying we cannot survive the Status Quo! We need Change now! I just heard someone say that in their home they use Oil heat to the tune of 992 gallons per year. They just got a qoute from their Oil company of $5.00 / Gallon. That's $4960 per heating season. Who the HELL can afford that outside of high paid politicians?

The time to take back control of our Country is now and we cannot count on our politicians to come to our rescue.

I advocate a 1960's protest environment that will shake the very walls of the White House.

Please look at these two sites as a small example of why I choose this way.

Waatowa Pistoto, Two Feathers - Kainaiwa - Blackfoot Nation