Thursday, January 31, 2008

Becoming Aware

Oki Niksokowa – (All my relatives)

Welcome to this blog of a traditional Native American.

I have created this blog with the sole purpose of dispelling the ignorance of EGO in our world! I know even though my intent is pure and directed towards finding the Truth in life, that even these comments are generated via the EGO of the self. Given that knowledge I will attempt to keep personal opinion at bay and try to convey Truth as Creator directs it vs. my own mind.

Some of you may ask “how do I know which is which”? That is the question of the ages and needs addressing if I am to be perceived as believable. There is a very thin line between self evoked thought and what is coming from external sources and in the beginning, unless you’re a very unusual case, one will not be able to discern the difference.

The way to get to a place of discernment normally takes many years of meditation, enhanced awareness, and knowledge of the processes of Ego. When one practices to become Aware, one places much value on alone time without the input of other people like yourself. You spend many hours in Nature, in public places and simply processing life on an everyday basis. The basic requirement is the knowledge that your Ego is fighting for control and your willingness to be patient with your Ego but also to be in control of it so that it does not interfere with what you are accomplishing. Something like parenting a small child.

Once you gain control over these process’s you begin to notice an awareness that has been part of your unconscious all the time, but has been covered up by your need for attention and basic survival. The wonderful thing about gaining control over your Ego is that as you progress you find you need these basic inputs and dependencies less and less. As you develop there comes an awareness of outside communication seemingly from no-where within the realm of your understanding but there just the same. Some of you will become aware of this communication via various bodily stimuli something like my own which is a mild tickling in my left ear. When this happens you know something is trying to get your attention.

Then you become aware of two inputs to your awareness. Yours which is valid and very wise, but also from another source which under normal circumstances comes from and I simplify here, Creator. I will get into the concept of Creator in another post but I do not want to confuse the central issue here and that is how to begin to discern the difference between internal and external communication and knowing the Truth of the two which work in tandem!

One of the major challenges in this enhanced awareness is the need for peer approval. The more you need this, the less you will be able to perceive truth. Why? Because contrary to what has been taught you is that each human being is living a version of a lie constructed from their very complex experience of life! All life experience is understood via the lie of external and internal input. One of your purpose’s of living is to gravitate towards separating the personal lie of your experience from the Truth of your experience. Once you GET this, you understand some of that age old question of “Why was I born, what is the purpose of all of this suffering that I have been going through?” In short you need to become less and less reliant on external approval and more aware that within you is the ability to provide your own solace and love that you need.

I will leave this here as I know this is a lot to understand and I will try answer your questions the best I can without my own Ego interfering with your Truth!

Waatowa' pistoto,
Two Feathers - Kainaiwa