A Little Help Needed for a Brother Lost

Oki Niksokowa:

This week I had an interesting email from someone who is in the throes of change and searching for his true family and at the same time searching for himself! I have decided to share it with you to serve two purposes. One being that upon revelation of this man’s name possibly someone can help him in his search for his family.

The second more important reason is that there are many of you out there in the same or similar situations which need resolution. So to that end please read my response to this man and take whatever you care to and apply it to yourselves as you see fit.

Honest Abe: to wit

I feel I have come full circle tonight by finding what was before me all the time.

I have longed for the Indian way to return to me as mother earth has been so good to me.

In my search for my past that the government took from me at a very early age and I think my folks allowed it to happen for my protection, I learned of this a few short years ago, that the family as I knew it was just…

Take Back the System

Oki Niksokowa -

Todays sharing is done with regard to the political climate in this country!

In all things political I always look first at what is happening to our People the Original People of this land.

Then I look at the Economic, Societal and Foreign issues in that order.

I would consider it a favor if each one of you were to look at the following websites as a learning tool to determine how you  will decide what is best for this land and all the people in it.

I am not afraid to admit that I am not liberal and not conservative (with the idea of maintaining the current status quo of our governmental policies)! I am in theory a conservative in the view of maintaining our cultural histories and following those lessons as a guide line in the process of changing what is necessary to change but not so radically changed that the end result has lost all of the energy of that which guided the change.

Today we are faced with the extension of the destructive power that has already begun to dest…

Is Forgiveness Possible?

A well meaning student sent this to me and I have decided to share it with you in the hopes of a better understanding.

Student: There were many injustices done to Native people. Sometimes I wonder, why am I connected to the past injustices done to Indian people? Why am I so angry about the past? The Elders say our ancestors are alive within each of us. Therefore, I may experience anger and resentment inside of me because of the injustice done to them. The way I get rid of these past feelings is to forgive. It may be necessary to even learn to forgive the unforgivable.

Great Spirit, teach me the path of forgiveness; teach me the courage to forgive; teach me to let go. Give to me a forgiving heart.

Redhawk: Oki, I would agree that forgiveness is the answer however to simply forgive for the sake of going through the motion is senseless. In order for an entity to be fully capable of being forgiven there must be activity on the part of that entity displaying moral, intellectual and spiritual …