Saturday, May 16, 2015



"Close the door on old, painful memories. Close the door on old hurts, old self-righteous forgiveness. You might take an incident in the past where there was pain and hurt–something that is hard for you to forgive or look at.

Ask yourself: "How long do I want to hold onto this? How long do I want to suffer because of something that happened in the past?"

Now see a stream in front of you and take this old experience, this hurt, this pain, and put the whole incident in the stream and see it begin to dissolve and drift away until it disappears. You have the ability to let go. You are free."

- Louise Hay.

Note: Most of us have been hurt terribly by those we loved with all our hearts. This creates a formidable pain in your soul! Those in my own family have created such pain for me out of jealousy, animosity and just plain rebellion against authority.

What do you do with this will have a large impact on your life if you cannot let it go. I'm not a big fan of forgiveness of others, but I am totally convinced that forgiveness of self is paramount to the peace of your soul. If I am to forgive another then that person must show remorse and sorrow for what they have done. If they do not do this then they are not welcome in my home.

It's that simple - you LET GO and move on and forgive self for your anger and hurt and you walk away from it. If you take the correct stance then you will be rewarded with peace. This can be a very lonely road but it will be a High Road that few of us have the courage to walk. When you can walk the high road it is a road to internal peacefulness.

Remember the High road of Jesus, Buddha and Russell Means! They all walked with a Higher Purpose.

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