Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Post by Native Spirits Tribal Council


Timothy Libeer said...

My name is Timothy Libeer and i currently live on a family farm in Missouri about an hour North of Kansas City. I am the third generation to live on this 'purchased' land of 40 acres. For about the past year I feel as though I have been on a spiritual journey. I do have real native blood in my veins 'Grandmother was/is part native' although you couldn't tell by looking at me. I feel stagnant in my approach to this situation, but, have always felt a strong warrior presence and have been getting certain visions through my meditation and prayers to A/The Great Spirit. Hoping an elder may help guide or at least communicate some real knowledge to this type of experience. It has encompassed my everyday life and I find it difficult to comprehend completely. Looking for Spiritual guide outside of Christian and 'Westernized' beliefs. Having a rough time cause all immediate family has passed on and extended family are or claim to be very religious and I am very spiritual. Always have been! Please help or at least point me in the right direction. I have been very drawn to True North since I have noticed this taking place in my life.

Nakima said...

Dear Timothy-
What you are experiencing is not so uncommon. I receive many letters each week with that similar content of feeling an “affinity” with Native America. It stems from the fact that as humans we are all tribal. At one time or other every nation of mankind was a tribe with a collective memory of the past, and a yearning to belong.
The reason you feel drawn to Native America is because you a yearning for your own tribal heritage. While tribal heritage has many similarities, they are also very unique to the region in which your people originated. The Irish, for instance, had a very unique form of religion from the time period of the Celts. Many Europeans were involved in Druidism. This spirituality is very similar to Native American spirituality, but also unique. Tracing your family heritage can be very interesting and can teach you who you are and where you and your family come from.