Saturday, March 3, 2012

Listen With Your Heart

Listen With Your Heart

Oki – Niksokowa – (all my relatives)

A bit of an awareness exercise!  Please watch this video with your Heart – your Spirit – all that makes you who you are.

Then sit back and think about how all this energy changes as you turn to CNN or Fox news or whatever your favorite poison might be. What you will find if you’re paying attention is a broadcast of fear, anger, hopelessness and blame.  Then think about how all this anxiety came into being.

 I happen to believe that we are our own true creators. God is not a fearsome face or voice in the clouds ready to pounce down upon you for every infraction of Creators laws written down in some supposed Sacred Text written by someone not even as well-developed intellectually or spiritually as you may be!

 I believe that the True God is part of each one of us and that we create our own reality – be it a painful reality or one full of peace and beauty and awe for the incredible gifts that are available to each one of us in our own creation of our reality.

Then consider the societal environment that we are in and how that got created.  I believe we are in the situation we are in because somewhere along the line we gave our own personal POWER away to someone else who has used that power to further their own ends and somehow forgot where they got the power from in the first place. 

Now consider where you want yourself to be, under those beautiful supportive trees of life or under the thumb a system gone completely awry simply because we gave away our personal power. To me the answer is obvious and only each one of us can pull our power back in to ourselves and take charge of our own creations. 

In Native Traditions which have been taught for all of  time since we have become homo-sapiens is that we are responsible for the past 7 generations and for the seven generations yet to come. Do you want your seventh generation cursing you because you took the wrong path?  

Our societal and political success or failure comes from your hands – from the decisions you make – to the environment you help to create to the decision makers you choose. 

In short let me ask you – how is Hope and Change working out for you? What you see out there is your refection. Let’s change it to a reflection of the Peace of the Trees…..
Waatowa Pistoto

Two Feathers