Monday, February 21, 2011

An Exploration of Unconditional Love Pt. 2

All, everything that I understand, I understand only because I love.

Leo Tolstoy

I am going to attempt to show what I believe is the causation of all types of violence that is occurring in the world. While there are many forms of violence and the effects have many causes and come from many different places the reasons are coming from one place, one source and can in simplicity be resolved with a very different result than what we are seeing. What we are seeing coming from our species is there because if the lack of true intimacy in our lives. I question my own use of the word intimacy because it only engenders a limited understanding of what it truly represents but in reality intimacy extends to all aspects of our lives and we have to learn to extend it in all areas of our existence.

What we as a species tend to aspire to is a mimicry of those in our society that seem to get an inordinate amount of attention. Unfortunately this attention by all definitions is usually negative, one that attracts the interest of the general public and sells itself to the public as a way to be noticed and also to make money in the form of media attention. When we see someone doing good in our society we generally give an honorable mention if that and go on our way to the next noise maker. These noise makers cast themselves as victims and scream and yell until they get their way much like two year olds who have not learned that there are other ways to gain what they want.

In most Native Cultures the responsibility to teach right from wrong – good from evil – give vs. take is delegated by Creator to be the woman’s responsibility. In many native societies the culture is a matriarchal one and the patriarchs are expected to follow the woman’s directions. The women are heads of council they can be chiefs but normally select a responsible male for that role with the knowledge that the male is a stronger source of power because of their physicality! However the Chief is expected to follow the woman’s direction without question.

When there is a marriage in a matriarchal setting the man if he be Seneca by birth marries an Oneida he then takes the surname of his wife and becomes and is expected to adopt the Oneida culture. Why does this work so well in Native society and why is it not adopted by other societies if it works so well? Good question, it works because men by and large are warrior/hunter/providers and are disassociated from their families for long periods of time. They know little of the inner workings of the people while the women are in that circle almost 100% of the day and so have the greater control of what happens from minute to minute. Men are ego filled – strength associated – defenders of their circle and are expected to do many acts of various violence in order to protect their people. The reason for the Ego being so large is they are expected to perform insane acts of bravery in order to successfully defeat any challenger. Whenever they defeat an enemy they go through an incredible array of emotional reactions knowing they just looked death in the face and came out of it alive. In short these emotional reactions are not a good place to then make decisions regarding the peaceful interaction of the tribe.

“Well”, you might exclaim “that was then and this is now, there is no comparison to how they lived then vs. how we live now”! I beg to disagree, when in fact I believe things are so far out of balance today vs. the balance of the tribe 200 years ago that the situation is close to insane! Take the woman for instance; she has been stripped of all her connection to the influence and satisfaction of decision making for her family to the point that if she doesn’t have a successful career she isn’t a man. You heard it – I said a woman these days is expected to be men. Women’s lib anybody? While the man is going to work day after day knowing full well in the back of his mind that his and the survival of his family is dependent upon the whims of another person. If they are fired today they are out on the street tomorrow without any support of their tribe because they don’t have one. Homeless – Helpless – Hungry! Human destruction anyone?

Next time – more of this insanity! - Redhawk

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